I’ll do this thing faster than anyone else. You’ll see me out of the gate at 45 mph (is that possible) and I won’t let up until I see Alcatraz. If you see me coming, you had better get out of the way (why?). For I break for no one (oh!). I could go the whole way like the Flobots (I ride my bike with no handlebars.), my upper body (what upper body?) is useless anyways. I got my big wreak (the horror, so much blood!) out of the way already for the year and it’s nothing but smooth sailing to the Pacific. I am the brains behind this operation (scary!), so you should all fear for our safety. Safety is the least of my worries, having a good time and getting there fast takes priority for me. I’m making this trip to prove to all men that I’m above all (is that why you only got 3rd?). My head is not big (fooled me!), it’s just everyone’s heads are deflated. See you on the otherside.
Justin (page written by: Adam)

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One Response to “Justin”

  1. I miss you guys. Hope to see you again. Your wife is a luck lady!!

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