Do you want more, or should I move on and forget about it?

Started this poll because it has been ages since the ride. I just didn’t know if anyone still cares or if there was anybody around here. A lot has happen to me since we finished and I’ve hit a rocky patch of my life. I lost touch with most people I care about, so I figured I might as well finish. But if no one is reading, I’ll just wait until next race season. That is if I can get me a bike before then. Anyways I’ll make this short. Just tell me what you think. I love reading your feedback. Take care.


~ by Adam on November 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “Do you want more, or should I move on and forget about it?”

  1. Well I’m still out here and if you don’t remember I’m the Kentucky stepdad _ so continue with your journey on and off the track and keep me on your mailing list. And always remember you and your brother have an extended family and home in Kentucky

    See ya

  2. i didn’t think you were dead- just temporarily dropped off the face of the earth. glad you are back! will you be in town for Christmas?? take care, keep us in the loop!

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