WE FINISHED… awhile ago

So if you hadn’t heard yet. We’ve cross the county like Space Ghost, coast-to-coast. I’m still waiting to hear back on the total distance traveled. But it took us 58 days, I think. Justin seems to keep tacking on day, or I keep dropping them. Anyways, we dipped our wheels in the Pacific on July 4th, so you can do the math if it’s truly that important to you.

I’m back in Norfolk and currently looking for work. But, now that I have some free time and difficulties sleeping. I’ll work on writing about our adventure and my experience as best as I can recall them. I hope I haven’t lost an interest or readers or the lapse of time since my last post. But if you could, please pass along my tale and our cause. I hadn’t raised as much as I planned on, but I hope the message got out there about Operation Smile and I hope, even if it wasn’t though our referenced link, that they were able to put a smile on some children’s face thanks to us. I’ll keep my link and account open. And if you find What I write entertaining please donate a buck or two. Just click on any Operation Smile image on this site.

Operation Smile


~ by Adam on July 27, 2010.

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