Not our weekend :(

According to Lance since I’m under 30 I can use emoticons. Not sure I like it…

So this past weekend didn’t go exactly as planned, & I lost quite a bit of faith in humanity. Saturday started out well. Went out to take pics of the Smithfield Hammerfest 2 man TT. I got there just as Dan N. and John Lamogda (sp) took off. Waited around for a bit, and they came across with Dan wearing his mad face. Come to find out they had got to a turn, and with no marshall there, they went the wrong way and were DQ’d. NO bueno.

This is where I come to the part of the story that was the low point of the weekend for me. Steve Monk and I went out for a tune-up ride around the usual 25 mile loop in Norfolk Saturday afternoon. for reasons unbeknownst to us a driver, according to the witness, intentionally hit us, and left the scene. The witness chased him down, and when confronted by the witness, the driver said he didn’t and drove off. They got a partial plate, the make and model, and she said she could ID the driver. The police said there is a decent chance of catching the guy with the info they got, so let’s pray they do. Grey Jeep Cherokee with the liscence plate starts with XKT-49. White male driving

Dan, Wick, Steve, and myself then went to Reston, Va for the Reston Grand Prix on Sunday. The race was great. Due to injuries suffered the day before Steve and I pulled out early. Wick and Dan got caught up in a crash with 4 laps to go. Oh well. Made for a long ride home.

Dan leaves for France on Friday, Wick and I are heading to Fitchburg, and Steve is heading to Roanoke. Wish us all luck.


~ by shootthegap on June 28, 2010.

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