The Curse that is Chesapeake

So this past weekend in racing gave us the Cause for the Paws Crit a the snowball crit course in Chesapeake, Va. The same course that claimed team mate Wick this past March

Wick getting ready for some stitches

. Looking at the weather the morning of I knew it would be a hot one. The guessers that are the weatherman were calling for heat indexes in the triple digits. I arrived to the course just in time to see the Cat 5 start. It was hard to pick up my bib number while yelling at Dan R. to get off the front lap after lap, but he had something to prove i guess. This is his first race since traveling some 2000 miles west, and I have more respect for him for even showing up than racing. Our race, that is the Cat 4 race, started out as any other. 28 guys doing a few slow laps, making fun of each other and themselves to warm up and then lining up for the start. Dan N. went from the gun, yelling, “I’m in the front someone take a picture quick!”. The race went slow for the first lap, and then the attacks came. About three laps in, Jerry Hadley, from Tripower, went off the front with a Fat Frogs guy. I bridged up to them and we stayed away for what seemed an eternity, but was actually only about 5 laps before the determined field consumed us. We took turns attacking again and again, and with 12 laps to go I told Dan N. that I was going to sit in for the remainder as it was obvious, like so many other races, that the field wasn’t going to let a break get away. With something like 8 to go we rounded the first turn to find a p/u truck and trailer sitting on the course. Jerry, with the move of the week, rather than slow down like the rest of us bunny hops into the grass, and rides through laughing the whole way. I spent the last five laps sitting in, making faces at Dan R. as we passed him, and trying to analyze the field to plan my last lap. I decided in turn two that b/c of a little sand in the inside of the turn, and with everyone going inside that i would stay outside, in order to pedal through, and not worry about the pack so much……… my bad. As we came out of turn two, three cyclists swerved out to avoid something. I with my mongoose-like reflexes reacted to avoid the cyclists, and prevent a pile up, moved left, and found that the road had run out and the only thing that remained was the curb and grass. All I remember is hitting the curb, and flying over my handlebars into the grass, and sliding to a stop. Angry, I stood up, grabbed my bike, whose handlebars were now facing the 10 O’clock position, vice 12, and road across the finish in 21st. Once I cooled down I realized how lucky I was to not die, or get hurt, or seriously screw up my bike. Oh well, there is always next week. Speaking of which, I hope to see everybody at the TNP Crit north of Richmond on Saturday; 9 turns and a hill. This should be epic, and Sunday at PLT#1; I’ll be the guy on the madone with the clip-ons laughing at himself. Thanks to Vanderkitten for putting on the race, and BJ for snapping pics. One day I’ll stop trying to be serious about racing, and start taking pics again, or maybe Adam should just hurry back.


~ by shootthegap on June 15, 2010.

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