Feeling good…..

Well, coming off of an exciting weekend racing everywhere except my home state of Virginia, I didn’t get to do a lot of training in this week. A little intimidated by it, and the crazy temperatures expected with heat indexes expected in the triple digits, I got ready for another weekend filled of racing. The first would be on Saturday, at the Little Creek Amphibious Base right here in Norfolk. This race was a long course (.9 miles) around some sweet naval hovercraft with a vicious head/cross wind on the back stretch. Early in the race a break started; I don’t remember who it was, but what I do remember was Mickey Turner and Tim Pope jumping to bridge, and all I could think was I need to be with those guys. so I made it, and next thing I know I’m in a 6 man break with a 20+ second gap. We stayed that way until about 3 to go when Mickey and Hugh Brown decided to pick up the pace. Immediately two guys get shelled, and now there is a gap between myself and the front three (Mickey, Tim Pope, and Hugh Brown), and now they’ve caught the field. I look back and the two shelled guys are on my wheel, and I decide that rather than work, I’ll let these slackers pull me through the headwind to the final stretch, where I rode pass them for 4th. Congrats to the guys in the top 3, and thanks to the other two for pulling me to the finish. Thanks to Tri-power for putting on the race. It was awesome.

The next race was put on by our team, Celerity Cycling, at Langley Speedway in Hampton. Arriving to the course at 7am to help set up, the team set in for the long haul. The temp was 80 degrees at 7am, and was getting hotter by the minute. When it was the Cat 4’s time to race at 10:10 it was every bit of 90 degrees. The race started out with, low and behold, Mickey Turner cranking the speed up for the first two laps, and then it settled in. Wik jumped first and had a fat Frog’s guy bridge to him. They stayed away for close to three laps before being caught. Immediately Dan jumped, and had Hugh Brown go with him. They stayed away for about five laps before Hugh fell off, not unexpected after his awesome performance yesterday. As we came out of turn three the field hit a head wind and bunched up as they slowed. i shot to the outside, and with everything I had bridged the 12 second gap up to Dan. Some words of encouragement and we’re off. We managed to stay away for the rest of the race. Noah Clevinger bridged up to us with 5 to go, and we stayed that way to the finish. We finished with Dan in 1st, myself 2nd, and Noah 3rd. I want to thank everyone who came out, and participated, for having a safe day, and making the best of the heat. Everyone was great. Can’t wait to host our next one on August 1st at the ODU campus.


~ by shootthegap on June 7, 2010.

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