More racing than one could hope for

Well, this weekend was an eventful one to say the least. Dan N. and myself were a little let down that even though it was a three day weekend there were no omniums to compete in, so we did what any cyclist would naturally do; we created our own. Welcome to the Mid-Atlantic Memorial Day Omnium. The first race was what Velo News calls one of the ten hardest single day races in the country, The Tour of Tucker County in West Virginia. The fun stuff started before the race did, with a fifteen minute descent to the start/finish in a neutral roll out, the group had a rude awakening. One inexperienced cyclist even exploded a carbon wheel due to breaking to hard, and blowing it up. the official said his break pad was melted to the wheel. The race started out jovial, everyone making jokes, and talking to each other. This ended quickly as we hit our first climb, 7 miles of a 3% – 12% gradient and covering over 1000 vertical feet. About half way into this is when my day went south, and my left calf started to cramp. The group left me, as I massaged the cramp out, and I continued on the race/ ride alone for the remainder. Not being the only person shed off the main group, I managed to get into a groove, and pass several people in route to what I knew would be a “swift kick to the gut” type of finish. I hit the base of the final climb. A 7 mile monster, with the finish line at the top of it. This climb had gradient’s from 5% all the way to 12%+. One guy said there was even spots where he saw 20%. the total elevation change was over 1800 ft. I finished with a time of 2:15:00, 47th out of 75. Dan did a little better with a time of 1:53:40 for 12th place.

As soon as we saw our times we were changed, packed, and on the road again, with a quick stop for chocolate milk, diet coke, and snickers bars, heading the seven hours to Fayetteville, NC for race #2 in the Mid-Atlantic Memorial Day Omnium, the Dragon’s Tale Individual Time Trial. We got to our hotel around 12:15 at night, and by the time we checked in, unpacked the bikes, and got comfortable our heads were hitting the pillows around 1:00am. We were then up at 6:30am and out the door by 7am to get breakfast and head to the course. Dan out to defend his USAcycling #1 Cat 4 Time Trialist in the country, and me to have fun. I don’t do time trials; I’m slowly warming up to them, doing better everytime I compete in one. This time I went out with the idea that I was just doing a solo ride, and that I wasn’t trying to compete. This made it much easier to ride, due to no nervousness. I clamped on the aero bars, compliments of Wick, and went for a ride. I had recently loaded up on electrolytes and water, to prevent the cramping that plagued me the day before, and found that this might have been a bad idea. As I came upon the first right hand turn on course I stopped pedaling, and dove into it. As I came out of it I went to burp and ended up throwing up all of my fluids…… awesome. I continued on the rest of the course without much excitement. I passed four people, and almost caught the fifth. He crossed 15 seconds ahead of me. One person also passed me, but I was less angry about that when I found out he was a Cat 2 from Batley Harley Davidson. In the end I finished the 22 mile course with a time of 53:17. Good enough for 34th out of 78 overall, and 8th in the Cat 4. Dan crushed it; coming not only in first in the Cat 4, but he also beat all of the Cat 3, and came in fourth in the Pro 1/2 category.

We packed everything up…. again, and journeyed back to the hotel. After eating a quick lunch, naps ensued. I woke up sometime later, with Pulp Fiction on the TV, and was happy and refreshed. Dan asked if I wanted to get dinner, and realizing it was 9pm thought that to be a wise decision. We stuffed our faces at Carrabas and headed back to the hotel to wipe down bikes, and go back to sleep. We woke up the next morning and ate breakfast at IHOP, and then headed to the historic district of Fayetteville for the Patriot’s Crit. Our race wasn’t until almost 3pm, so we got to partake in some spectating, while one of the locals decided to lecture us on police discrimination (another story altogether). Steve Monk also made the journey down to race. Our field was only 19 people deep, and the race started off great with all three of us missing our clip in. We chased the group down who decided a 32 mph first lap was a great idea. With this being our third race in as many days my legs were feeling it, and I thought that I might be done pretty soon. The pace slowed down, and we were able to recover little bit. One guy went off the front early, and when the group didn’t react I jumped to bridge the gap. I made it up to him, and we alternated back and forth for 5 laps or so, before I looked back, and saw the group closing back on us. I sat up and let them consume me to save my energy. We also caught the other guy too. With five to go, another guy made a jump and went off the front. Props to Dan for chasing this guy down, and to the winner, I forget his name, as he worked his ass off as well, and earned his first place. I ended sprinting for 3rd, and Dan, exhausted, coasted across in 9th.

I want to thank all the cyclists, as well as the promoters of the races, Fat Tire Cycles and Cross Creek Cycling Club, for participating, albeit unknowingly, in the 2010 Mid-Atlantic Memorial Day Omnium. Dan finished the omnium in first, and myself, 2nd. Oh well, better luck next year. This coming weekend is full of local events, with Saturday being the Amphibious Assault Crit at Little Creek, and Sunday being the Brooks Systems Crit at Langley Speedway, hosted by none other than us. Hope to see everyone out there.


~ by shootthegap on June 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “More racing than one could hope for”

  1. What was Dan’s finishing time for the TT?

  2. The picture I took of the results is a little blurry, but it looks like 48:54:41.

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