Fox 2 St. Louis News

Been in Kansas City for a few days. The others are all out touring my home town of Independence, Mo. So I decided to stay back home and update the blog a bit and try to get you all caught up to speed.

This is an interview did in St. Louis. We had a good time with it. They had asked a ton of great questions and I wished they would have aired more of it, but I pretty happy with the way it turned out. We don’t look like that big of goobers.

I’ll see if I can’t fish up some of the other media from other local news outlets we’ve been in, while I get you all back up to date. But for now, I hope you enjoy.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

~ by Adam on May 31, 2010.

3 Responses to “Fox 2 St. Louis News”

  1. Great news story! The reporters did an awesome job of telling about Operation Smile. I’m glad to see you guys looking well and keeping your positive attitude. Praying for safety and His guidance on your journey…Shawn

  2. Ditto what Shawn said, could not have said it better. And btw, all three of you are very photogenic… watch out Hollywood!!

  3. Nice work and great promo! Sorry to have missed you guys in KC. You’ll have to detour up through Idaho so we can put you up!

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