Flash Foreword

I’m skipping ahead here, to our current day. I’ll try and get someone to still write something for Louisville, but I feel this needs to be back up to current times. It better that you know what is happening with us and it there will be nothing lost over time.

This trip has rough for me. My legs and stamina has never felt better, but it has been tough. I’ve put another nick in my frame. After finally getting back on the road from a long, but amazing stay in Louisville, I’m back to tearing up my baby.

This is the final straw for me. My goal now is to try and make it to Denver without putting any new additions to my bike. I just can’t afford to break my it. But that seems to be the road I’m headed down.

I’ve taken a serious chunk fro my chainstay from the whole derailleur event. Now after an “odd” event I’ve removed more from the same chainstay. When I say “odd”, I mean my chain popped off to the inside from the large chainring while I ran into a gas station to refill my water. How does something like that happen?

That all happened pretty early and set my morning off. I was in deep thought about it all. Do I ride it out to the end and farther trash my frame, until end my race season for the year? Do I quit this journey I’ve started and leave back home? Do I return back to a job where I get under paid and over worked and no sign of promotion? This and more ran through my head all morning.

It wasn’t until a car full of little kids start waving and smiling at us as they passed, to change my line of thinking. I thought to myself, does me doing this trip help the children. Will they be inspired by seeing me riding to get into cycling themselves? Will I make an impact to change they’re lives to be healthy and active? Will them seeing me stay with them and hope to one day do the same? It gave me hope. And just writing this I recalled Operation Smile. I hope today’s events will make me better at spreading the word and raising money to change a child or two lives somewhere in the world.

Most of the rest of the day was good for me. I felt strong, at least stronger than my companions. I felt glad to have a warm day, I love the heat and think I do better than most in it. I just have to remind myself to hydrate, which I did.

I’m a little disappointed in myself for us not getting into Illinois today and not reaching a record for milage. But we were also lead astray and number of times. We ran into a couple of weekend tourist that were dead set on us traveling along side them. Not only did they take us down a longer path but they slowed us down to 10-15 mph.

Then later Justin had us cyclocrossing through the woods. He told us this road was good even after we started seeing “No Outlet” signs and “Dead End” painted on the road. When asked, he told me he thought the GPS was wrong and that there was away across the river there, or “creek” as he called it. So we backtracked when we could have just not turned around and just listened to the GPS from the start. It makes me wonder about the other times we’ve had problems if it was because he strayed from the route the GPS tells him.

Near the end of the day I got a few more flats and I finally realize the cause. I feel dumb that it took so long to find the problem. It’s not the tires, after throwing a brand new gatorskin on I ruled that out. My wheelset was so cheap, they’ve been my issue this whole time. Hope to make it to a bike shop and see if an extra piece of rim tape will fix it. Until then I’ve lined the rim with electrical tape. These wheels have been are thorn in my side. Knew that whatever wheels I took across would pretty much be junk and couldn’t justify spending several hundred on something I was going to trash. Lesson learned.

With that all, the heat, and the late start, we still almost managed to reach 140 miles today. We’ve got a long day ahead of us tomorrow. The plan is to get to St. Louis tomorrow night. The GPS has it at about 160 miles away. Which we should be able to do with a full day, a time zone change, and riding under the city lights if needed. Then we can recover a bit from pushing it there. Pray we don’t get lost or that my bike explode.


~ by Adam on May 24, 2010.

2 Responses to “Flash Foreword”

  1. Where are you staying in St Louis? Will you be taking a rest day in our city? Do you need anything?

    • Wow, it’s great to see someone comment from a city we are hitting. We’re holding up in the Millennium Hotel in downtown. Got a really good deal and the staff has been really helpful. Will be visiting you amazing city for two days. If you have any must see sites and helpful info, it would be great. Also any great local eateries with large portions would also be helpful.

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