A.D.D. and me

Well, another exciting weekend of racing is over with. This is one that I have to say I wish I could do over, and I know that a few other people, (cough) Jerry Hadley (cough), would too. The race was the Sleepy Hole Crit in Suffolk. The entire morning threatened us with chances of rain and thunderstorms, but instead we just got a pleasant overcast and humid atmosphere until the last race, the master 30+ (congrats on 2nd Dan). The race started as any other does. Everyone clips in and we go in circles. People attacking and being pulled back in. I have to say, and I won’t mention names, but it is a little ridiculous that two of the attacks were pulled back in by there own teamates. That’s an issue that they have to deal with, but it gets annoying when you have a teamate in that break as well. I am going to go ahead and say that my legs were not feeling it either due to some rough training miles this previous week, and the only reason I bridged the one gap I did was due to some pressure from a teamate of mine along with some name calling. To the A.D.D. part now; the last time I looked at the lap board it said 5 to go, and then I zoned out. I heard the bell ring, and for some reason thought it was a prime with three to go. Yeah, I know; I’m an idiot. The bell was actually to signal the bell lap. My plan to just sit mid-pack for that prime and then move to the front for the sprint didn’t exactly go so well. Congrats, once again, to Mickey Turner on yet another win in his, Jimmy Johnson-ish season he is having. This coming weekend should be exciting with the Tour of Tucker County in West Virginia on Saturday. http://www.yougotdropped.com will be happy about that one, as it is advertised as the hardest single day amatuer race in the country. The following day is a ITT in Fayetteville, NC followed by a Crit on Monday. See you guys out there, and be safe. I have a feeling the motorists are getting pretty tired of Bike Month as the end appoaches.


~ by shootthegap on May 24, 2010.

One Response to “A.D.D. and me”

  1. I did get a pretty good laugh when we crossed the line and you asked me “what’s this? the interim?” and told you “that was it”. Good racing though!

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