Update on miles and other stuff

Day 1: 125 miles, 17.2mph avg, 33.2mph max. Stopped seaveral times to fix racks. No Flats.

Day 2: 120 miles, 13mph avg, 37.2mph max.

Day 3: 110 miles, 12.5mph avg, 42.4mph max.

Day 4: 97 miles, 12.5mpg avg, 41.2mph max. Adam managed to break his derailer hanger and rear derailer going over a bump at a bottom of a hill near VA-NC boarder.

Day 5: Stayed in Galax, VA waiting for parts. No riding

Day 6: 51 miles, 39 mph max. Dan snapped a chain then his tube and tire blew up. Adam had to fix his rack and a flat.

Day 7: 127 miles, 16.4mph avg, 39mph max. Adam had two flats. Saw  our first car accident of the trip from a table where we were eating.

Day 8: 109 miles, 15.7mph avg, 38.2mph max. Adam had two flats and Dan also had one flat. Second car accident this time behind us and in the other lane (not our fault).

Day 9: 144 miles. One flat from Dan and two from Adam. Managed to get lost (with a gps and an iphone). Adam also lost his sunglasses while we were cyclocrossing.

Day 10: Nashville, TN. No riding.

Day 11: Nashville, TN. Little riding around city no mileage recorded.

Day 12: 94 miles, 17mph avg, 35mph max.

Day 13: 85.7 miles, 16.4mph avg, 40mph max. Adam with 3 flats that day.

Day 14: Louisville, KY. No Riding.

Day 15: Louisville, KY. No Riding.

Day 16: Louisville, KY. No Riding.


~ by d0ginahat on May 22, 2010.

One Response to “Update on miles and other stuff”

  1. Holy cow Adam! I thought I had bad luck with flats! You sure you haven’t got a thorn tip in your tire or something?

    Nice work guys!

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