Nashville honkytonk fun

The first full day of Nashville starts with rain and we soon find out that is going to be that way on and off the whole visit. Ally and Sandy drove us to downtown from the hotel. Dropping us off near the Country hall of fame so we decided to go there first. Dan easliy the one most excited about it since Adam and I don’t listen to it. After setting one foot into the museum we relized that we knew and herd alot of the people in the hall of fame and the museum was well done. Even if we had not reconized any one in there all the stuff was great to look at, like the Pontiac that had atleast five guns within reach any where you would sit and squirels that were arranged as if they were playing in a band. Once we left the gift shop Dan relized that he did not have his camera anymore. Luckly it was left right next to the pearl snaps shirts that we were trying on earlier.

Walking around all the country stuff made us hungry so we went to Jack’s Bar-B Q on Broadway. Food was great and it was nice to see a variety of sauce even better to see Kansas City style Barbeque. Then we were off to a vister center. Since the gps was broken (none of the buttons worked on it) we used Adam’s iphone which sent us to a vister center a couple blocks away in the rain only to find out on the door that this one is not open on weekends and the only one that is open was less than a block away from where we ate. More walking in the rain, but did not matter to much we all had on our rain coats and flip flops. The people at the vistitor center were very helpful, helping us with busses to take and other attractions in the city we should go see. After buying day passes and walking to the bus stop we take one to Lane Motor Museum. Getting on the bus we didn’t even have to use our passes which upset us alittle bit since we just wasted money on something we didn’t even use. Though the entertainment on the bus I was able dismiss the money spent. One guy on there was talking to us we thought was a local but turned out that he rode from Louisiana on a whim by bicycle. Once at the Lane museum we reliezed that these were some of the smallest cars we have ever seen. They even had a few bicycles one with out a motor and two with. Though I am not sure it you can count a big fan on the back of a standard bicycle a motor, at the very least it is unsafe. While we were there we tried to pick out one that would be our favorite but reliezed that there were just to many unique and bizare cars to pick just one. Then it was back to the bus to go downtown to experience some live music that starts at 10am til 3am everyday. Once downtown we were ready to eat again and with us stopping every three hours to eat our bodies still that we need to eat and who are we to argue with that. We found a place called Demos a nice place, great sercive and fair prices. Dan was told that tootsies on broadway was a good place for what we headed back for and really Nashville in the first place music. The band that was there was great. They played cover songs the whole time we were there with no break members would take breaks from time to time but some one was always playing and singing.

We called it a night early stepping outside to find a taxi Dan tried to get a deal offering a set amount of money just to take us back to the hotel. The drive refused saying that he couldn’t so we dicieded to walk back. Stopping at Mike’s ice cream for a snack spending the money that we offered the driver on ice cream cones for our four mile walk. Good choice on food not so good on walking but it was fun and that was first full day in Nashville.


~ by d0ginahat on May 22, 2010.

2 Responses to “Nashville honkytonk fun”

  1. Thanks for the post Justin, good job. It is so fun to be able to keep up with your days. Always happy to hear more.

  2. sounds like a futn trip! John was a litle bit offended by you saying that there is something better than Kansas City Barbecue, but you were probably hungry, and you haven’t been through KC yet.
    He also says don’t forget your sunscreen!

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