Culture Shock

Day seven, May 13th. This will be a day I’ll remember as the last day in Virginia. The changes in scenery was drastic.

We started the day in a small country town, tucked away in the mountains. A creek ran along the road. Just a very quite town with their $2.39 mule burgers(aka thick piece bologna).

We continued on. And with great progress. Shortly afterwards we hit a bike route. After following said route, we are brought to nice looking town called Damascus. It looked like a lot of fun. We counted five bike shop/rental places on a small stretch of road. This town looked great for all types of outdoor sports. It was still early and we had some ground to cover.

And on we go. We hit a historical part of Abington. Where we stop at a MickyD’s and enjoyed a frappĂ© and hit the can.

Next up was Bristol. Still moving quick, we almost missed the Tennessee state sign. We then pulled over for a quick phone op with huge grins. That was a rejuvinating stop. It gave us new found strength to our weary legs.

Then our trouble started. For some strange reason our GPS kept trying to put us on the interstate. But we would find a side street that would add a few miles. And we slowly saw Nashville falling farther away. At one point we had gain more milage then when we started the day.

We took a gamble and jump on. I would never tell anyone to do what we did. In fact I would strongly recommend you never think about the interstate. But we flew and the milage quickly shaved away. With a huge shoulder we rode without much worry. It was flat and straight and with the traffic came a gust of wind at our backs that made travel fast. But like I said please don’t go there. The off/on ramps were a bit sketchy. Also the junk on the shoulder is a lot, which gave me a flat, and moving fast over the smaller stuff took it’s toll on my hands and arms. Plus constently looking over your shoulder for cops is a bit stressful

Two miles from our exit we get a siren and a flash of lights as we are signeled over bay the highway potrol. He told us what we were doing was illegal and that we were really moving. He then asked us about our trip and offered us a place to stay, but still too early to be looking for a place to crash. So we turned him down. But he was really cool. That had to be the best case scenario for us.

Traveling on and doing great. We decided to make it a early night. We found a campground that look great, or so we thought. This place had a ton of amazing land and they shove all the camping and the worst part of it. The ground was hard and rocky. The other guest were really odd and a bit creepy. The best part was the shower. It’s such a boost being clean.


~ by Adam on May 14, 2010.

3 Responses to “Culture Shock”

  1. The great topic, and very helpfully. thanks

  2. Keep going guys! Getting closer to KY! Looking forward to seeing you!

  3. thanks for the update! hope you make it to Nashville tonight!

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