I was told that my last update was junk and that we need to post more facts and less feelings. So here it goes. We are fast and tough and Frank would need be able to perform at our level. How’s that Frank. Good update so far. By the way, Justin has a journal with all the stat and as so as I can get him to write something I will.

Finding the time to write a post here is hard to find. Right now I’m staying up late and sacraficing much needed sleep to inform my readers, what little of them we have. Also finding a connection to the Internet is difficult. AT&T has no coverage outside of major cities. So I lose contact with the world for great spells. I would love Twitter the normal stupid thing I tweet on any given day, but as I said, time and technology in the sticks prevent me from doing so.

I was also told to need to write more about what we’ve been doing and that you all want long post about it all. We have been pedaling, pedaling, and more pedaling. Up hill, down hill, and back up hill. Long hours in the saddle. We break about every three hours to eat and drink. At which time we resupply if needed.

For breakfast I have oatmeal, everyday. And lunch I tend to just eat peanut butter straight out of the jar. Occationally I’ll dine out at a local resturant. And dinner I have rice and beans. It was dull at first and got tiring. And at time we had to force ourselves to eat this bland food. But one day we got smart. I bought so chicken boullon cube and Texas Pete for the rice and apple butter for my oatmeal. And at last I started to enjoy my meals.

Wednesday the 12th of May, we slept in a bit at the hotel. But not enough to miss the free continental breakfast, which was a tad disappointing but a nice change. I helped myself to a couple of bowls of Rasin Brand, a muffin and a bagal.

Back to the room. I worked on packing my gear and freshly washed clothes. I then aired out my tent and watched a movie on IFC. Push the check time to it’s limit. Dropped our gear at the shop and walked about the town of Galax.

Not having much time we visited one of the antique shops and the gentalmen gave us his advice for getting off of the parkway and a map. We then strolled to the old theater and took a look at it for outside. From there we crossed the street to enter the newly added visitor center. Where I asked the young lady about what we could do. She asked if we had eaten yet and recommended the Galax Smokehouse.

The Galax Smokehouse had a wonderful smell that was smelt from block away. It was at one time a drug store and later moved to Galax and even later became what it is today. It had kind of a old fashion style to it, that I dug. I had the chopped beef brisket meal, which was great. The also had four different sauces and I tried them all. All wonderful in it’s own way

Back to the shop. And they had already put my bike back together. I can not say enough about how great all the guys at New River Trail Outfitters are. If you are ever in the area you must check them out.

Back on the road and we are making good time. With our goal for the day being low due to the late start, we were well on our way to crushing it. The we started having GPS problems. It sent up places that made no sense for us to go. It had us leave the pavement and test our mud slinging ablity. Which that and the few mechinical issues, made hitting our goal come down to the wire.

At the 50 mile mark we roll into the small town of Whitetop. There we found ourselves a church. Justin and Dan attended the last 30 minutes of the service that night and asked the minister if we could camp on their beautiful lawn. Very friendly, he agreed to let us. Best ground I’ve slept on all trip

I planned on writing day seven of our trip, but this has taken long then planned and has almost killed my iPhone. So I’ll try and write about it later

For now bike safe and help us save a child or two lifes.


~ by Adam on May 13, 2010.

8 Responses to “Sanctuary”

  1. Forget those people who want more facts and less feelings. If someone else has a journal with all the facts and figures, they can post them. Someone needs to write about the experience, and you’re doing that just dine.

  2. “just fine” even. I’m not even in the saddle and I can’t type.

  3. Great job Adam. We enjoyed your post and like both the facts, and the feelings. We have several friends following your posts, as well as my office. we have 3 kansas city strips with your name on them when you get here. Keep the tires on the pavement and the strobes strobing. Have a great day.

  4. glad to hear about your trip! I think you may need to invest in a few drief cranberries, or at the very least raisins to help the oatmeal, walnuts are also good. I hope to see you guys next week, I leave for Mexico on the 24th of May, so hopefully you’ll ride into KC before then! hope your bike keeps holding up!

  5. We weren’t saying no feeling. Everyone just wants to see more details in the updates. This one of awesome, by the way. Keep’em coming. Hope you guys are still good, and Adam I’ll be sending out the business cards on Monday.

    I didn’t know that the computer was still logged in as you…… that’s funny. I’ll log you out though.

  6. How are you charging your iPhone? Can you publish pictures?

  7. Nice update Adam, you painted a great picture of your travels. I felt like i was right there in those sweet ol’ appalachian towns! keep it up guys – you’re doing fantastic!! :)

    • Thanks everyone for the possitive feedback. It has brought great joy to my day. I have enjoyed reading them all. Thanks.

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