A Minor Setback

Early Monday morning we woke in our poached campsite at the Roanoke Camp Gamp ground.  Up to that point it was the best sleep we had.  The ground was flat and the tress provided good cover from the wind.  The low laying site also made the temerature bearable for the first time.  All this  provided a firm foundation for our rising early and getting a motivated jump on the day. 

Because the site was low laying, there was a nice small hill to climb for warming up in the cool moring.  Slowly we ascended and felt the blood relutantly flow back into our tired legs.  We reached the top of our first hill of the day and began a descent that would set the tone for the day.  Forgive me for lack of recalling details, but in these mountains the days seem to mush togather and resemble something from a mid 90s sitcom where the story never changes and the charecters are the same (think, Saved By The Bell).  For the remainder of the day we would climb, descend, climb, descend, climb, decend, desecnd, climb.  At one point a fleet of model A cars passed us on an ardous up hill, we would meet them down the road. 

On the descent of that last climb we came upon the Mabry Mill and stopped for a much needed hot mealand to take in the sites of the 100+ year old mill.  The mill was beautiful and the food was excellent.  Eventually, the food digested and we were off headed down the road again.  For some time we descended and descended getting closer to the North Carolina border on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  It was about 2-5 miles from the border when we crossed a bridge coasting downhill at 40 m/hr. and hit small bump that turned to a mountain at that speed.  Adam was the first to hit the bump and his rear deraileur exploded into schrapnel.  Just slowed, hit it second and his rear stobe went flying into the brush on the side of the street.  I was the last to hit it at the slowest speed with no adverse affects.  Luckily we were in a low laying meadow that provided a comfortable campsite.  Immediately we went to work finding a local bike shop to replace Adams defunct derailuer.  After a few phone calls and some searching on the Garmin we found a shop not more than 9 miles away in the city of Galax, VA.  Quckly we set up camp and made plans for myself and Adam to ride on to the shop in the morning leavin Justin behind to watch the gear.  Night came and we turned in to our tents early.

The moring came and with it came rain.  After a quick breakfast and then a short retreat to the tents to wait out the heavy rain rain, Adam and I rode on to Galax to find our oasis of bike recovery.  Located right on Main St. in Galax we found New River Trail Outfitters [newrivertrailoutfitters.net] (formerly Icehouse Bicycles).  We entered the shop and immediately were met with the utmost hospitality.  Shop proprieter Doug and mech Sam went out of their way to help with the accuring of the necessary parts to get us back on the road.  Unfortunatly the parts would not arrive at the shop until the next day, and we would have to say the night in Galax.  Later we would learn that this was a disguised treat for us to xperience the local culture.

Sam offered us a ride back to the site to pick up Justin and the gear so we could check into the inexpensive Rodeway Inn.  We setteled into our new temorary home and went back to the shop to socialize and take Sam up on his offer for lunch.  He drove us down the road to Pizza Hut where the four of proceeded to destroy the buffet.  Sam, being the good man he is dropped us back at our hotel where we left to walk about the town.  We looked in the local tourist mag and found a bluegrass jam at a coffe shop that ws within walking distance.

From there the night was filled with a lively culture of mountain music, mountain dancing and a friendly game of Rook.  Humbly, I must confess to being the superior Rook player.  We hung around the shop for a while talking with the local patrons and shop keepers.  All in all, this was a minor setback, but turned out to be a real blessing.  Galax, VA, you’re good in my book.


~ by danranschaert on May 12, 2010.

3 Responses to “A Minor Setback”

  1. great storytelling babe – how i wish i could have been there for the bluegrass – we are definately going back :) happy peddling guys!!

  2. Love the pictures, look forward to seeing more of the country through your, Justin and Adam’s eyes. Take care.

  3. We are all really proud of you guys! Savor this experience. Thank you for documenting it and sharing with all of us who would never try something like this. It sounds like we will see you sometime this weekend. We will continue to pray for your safety and no more broken bikes :)

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