Highs and Lows

The last two days we’ve had some highs and lows. Let me first say, getting up day after day and spending over nine hours in the saddle has been rough. I’m saddle sore.
Alright, yesterday was a slap to the face. Spirits were down with Frank dropping out after the first day. It was a quite and frustrating ride as we slowly climbed into the mountians. The day was windy too, all head wind. So that didn’t help things. Thinking we needed a moral boost, we make a slight detour, down hill, to stop by the Cookie lady of the Blur Ridge Parkway. That was a punch to the gut. Again back to climbing. 8:00 came and we needed to find a place to sleep. We find a picnic area at 3200 ft and we took it. Not wanting to climb and the weather started to get really cold and windy. We froze and ended up not sleeping well at all.
The start of day three had up all feeling pretty down. Still cold, we bundled up the best we could and hot the road early. Down hill, which doesn’t help us warn up. And made us feel stupid. We could have spend five minutes the night before and would have been out of the wind. More down hill action and still freezing, we run across a restroom. We all needed water and to relieve ourselves. So we pulled over. The men’s room was heated. Which was great. Feeling good, we continue on. Climb and shooting down into the valleys. We ended up conquring the two high peaks in one day. And the last bit of today has been almost all decents. Started to make some great times. When that time is back, sleepy time. Pushing it farther, wanting as low as we can. Learn that lesson. We stumble on a camp ground, which is a mile off are road. But it’s closed for the season. Not wanting to try to find a differant spot, we poach it. And it is nice to have a camp fire going. We’ve also have running water and level land for the tents. I’ve got a feeling tonight we will sleep well and start tomorrow off on the right foot.
So, highs and low. High moral and low terrain. Lets hope our luck continues. Also, remember we are looking to raise money for Operation Smile, link can be found on the right. Now I’ve got to get some sleep.


~ by Adam on May 9, 2010.

One Response to “Highs and Lows”

  1. Nice job man! Hang in there, you’ll end up getting into a pattern in no time. Looking forward to pictures!

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