What was I thinking

I come around a bend, and there they are….. mountains!  At least the East Coast version of them, which to be honest is plenty for me.  I don’t like mountians.  I’ve talked about this before, but for some reason I am on 64E just past Charlottesville, Va at 9:30am heading to Wintergreen for the Wintergreen Hill Ascent.  Following team captain Dan N. we meander up the course via automobile, and lets just say my truck did not like that, more on it later.  I don’t remember it being this steep, and does it ever end, are the thoughts running through my mind.  We get to the top and pick up our numbers.  Adam goes right into picture mode, and I take my bike and gear throw it in Dan’s Subaru and we head back to the bottom.  By the time I get dressed, and on the bike I have 8 minutes before I start.  I really have to stop doing this to myself. The long and short of it are about the same.  It is by far the hardest course I have ever done.  I completely underestimated the course and the heat, and for a period of time of just under an hour Wintergreen took my soul from me, and played with it like a Killer Whale plays with a baby Seal.  And for some reason I’m glad I got to do it, and can’t wait for next year.

On the note of my truck, his name is Hank, the stress of climbing the mountain combined with his 239000 miles resulted in the water pump blowing its internal seal.  We limped to a gas station in Charlottesville and waited for my brother to bring his trailer.  While we waited to kill time we went and rode for 45 minutes, and I must say that Charlottesville is really nice for riding.  Due to my truck not acting right I had to skip the Bunny Hop…. oh well.  No more races for six weeks for me or the www.needtobike.com crew as we ramp up for our cross country endeavor starting in 4.5 days.  The cast-off bbq is Thursday afternoon at my house if you want to stop by.  See ya

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~ by shootthegap on May 3, 2010.

6 Responses to “What was I thinking”

  1. …Ahhhh Wintergreen Ascent! ……soul bearing, teeth gnashing, and questioning one’s sanity should be listed in the race flyer.

    Hey!…will Adam be posting the pics before your trip?

  2. should have been “baring.”…in either case it is a “bear.”

  3. All the pictures I took are up http://www.flickr.com/photos/45996820@N05/sets/72157623991124330/
    hope you all enjoy. BTW, we are now riding across the country for a cause. http://support.operationsmile.org/site/TR/Events/General?pxfid=9340&fr_id=1090&pg=fund
    Please donate and help spread the woord for us

  4. Is there any way that you could e-mail digital copies of your photos that are higher quality? Thanks for posting and sharing them regardless!

    • If you go to our flickr site and click on the picture you want. Above it will be a button for all sizes. You should be able to get the original from there. Hope that helps.

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