I think I can, I think I can…

What a great time I had. Let me first say the heroes last weekend were Wick’s parents. They gave us a roof over of heads, warm delicious food, and entertainment; from riding the streets of Fayetteville to going to an arena football game. They were great.

On Saturday we goto do the Tour de Moore in Southern Pines. It was a very beautiful course, long but very nice. This being the longest race I’ve done. We had gotten there late, seems like a common occurrence for us. So naturally we start at the rear of the pack, again a common occurrence. It started out pretty easy ride. Just getting a feel for the course and the other riders. Early on a wreak forms off the end and I preform a slight “track skid” to dodge rider and bike as it happens almost right in front of me. And I quickly catch the group. And before I know it, the first lap of a two lap race is done. Easy and no a bit tired. This lap I had to find the front. With a centerline rule, this is easier said then done. I start to get annoyed at all the breaking; for corners, going down hills, going up hills, and straightaways. Still at the rear, I start ride more aggressive. I then get lucky and come out of a corner with everyone going wide, leaving the inside open. I make my move and I reached the front. I make several attacks and break away a few times to only get caught shortly afterwards. So I sit back on a wheel and ride it out. A group of two break out and everyone including myself let them go. Eventually I panic and try to bridge the gap, solo. In the wind alone wore on me. Never able to catch the two leaders I, myself get engulfed by the peloton. In the end, I was dead and disappointed in myself.

The next day we head out to the Downtown Sanford Criterium. For the only time I can think of I get to a race early. First up for us was the Cat 3/4 race and if you want to know more on it read Frank’s post or Celerity Cycling p/b Fitness Together‘s Dan N.’s post(Should be up soon).

On the line I run through my strategy in my head. Thinking I learn my lesson from the day before, I planned to sit on a wheel in the front and save myself for the sprint. I started off just chilling near the back, just getting a feel for everything. After a short climb and crossing the start/finish line I see fellow teammate, Frank involved in a crash. I see him drag a frame with him then run it over. It was an amazing sight. At this point everyone had slowed, so I pull up to the front. In the lead with Dan on my wheel, he tells me to go. So I make my attack. Looking back thinking I still had my team, I see I’m alone… again. There goes that plan. So I get low and drive my cranks with a force that shock myself that I had left. For the longest time I ran in autopilot. It was all a blur to me. I was dead and wanted to sit up. Then I noticed the judges giving me favorable time gaps. The crowd was cheering for me by name. The pace car had a man shouting word of encouragements. I knew my team was doing their part and I knew I couldn’t let them down. It was so great to finally see the back of the pack. I hopped on the back and yelled to the front, “Thanks”. They did it. I was dead and had enough. So I rode the rest of the race at the rear and was happy with it. That’s a first place for me

Next up was the Cat 5 race. I thought about just not doing it. But after a few cool down laps and words from my teammates, I line up. This time I will follow my plan, sit on a wheel, rest, and sprint for the finish. Or so I thought. It start was planned, but after a few laps I discover I was pulling a three man break. Why do I keep doing this. I fall back to recover and before I knew it I was dropped. I get back up to the man in second and try to get him to work with me to catch the leader. I had to drop him, thing were just not working for me. I was so tired by this point. But I can see “HTC” sitting up. I just push it with everything I had left and eventually find his wheel. I rest a bit and for some reason I think to myself, “I can drop him too”. I make a weak move and end up pulling him for a lap and he plays me. next lap he counters attacks and I am toast. I sit up and he gets the first. I’ll have to settle for second.

All in all it was a great day. Really helped boost the ego. But I need more conditioning. And need to be more patient.


~ by Adam on April 28, 2010.

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