Fun, Sun, and racing

This was an exciting weekend for the CelerityCycling p/b Fitness Together team as we ventured to North Carolina for some racing action.  Taking a break from racing last weekend the guys felt they should see how far they could push themselves by enlisting in 3 races this previous weekend.  I, myself, opted out of the road race on Saturday as I had to go visit family, and partake in a wedding here in Hampton Roads.  However, I did avoid the post wedding festivities to wake up early Sunday morning to drive 3+ hours to Sanford, NC to race in the 3rd Annual Downtown Sanford Crits.  I arrived only about 2 hours earlier than planned, and decided to take pictures and grab some lunchwhile I wait.  The crit took place in the middle of the Sanford Historic District.  Two words: Beautiful Scenery.  The pics are being uploaded now.  The rest of the team, minus Dan R., Steve Monk, and Mike Shipp, showed up about an hour before the race.  I had the privilege of picking up my HED Stinger 6’s last week from East Coast Bicycles, however have not yet raced on them as the weather in Sanford was 15-20 mph winds w/ gusts to 35mph.  It was a good thing too, but that’s later.  The first race we did was the Cat 3/4.  The team used this race as a warm-up, and most of us bowed out of the 26mph avg race before the finish, except Dan N., as he finished 20th.  The 4/5 race was much better in a sense.  On the 3rd lap a cyclist mid-pack decided he didn’t want to be rubber up anymore, and went down in the front straight away.  The field parted and I had nowhere to go.  I blasted the frame and the sounds of Carbon Fiber scraping against pavement echoed through the historic streets.  I, however, did not go down, by a miracle.  I ran the bike over and kept going.  I apologize to whoever owned that bike, and hope all is ok.  Adam, however used this distraction to go off the front, and got an awesome lead.  Justin, Dan N., Wick, and myself took turns at the front pacing the pack as Adam’s gap opened.  With 7 laps to go sitting up torwards the front a cyclist rubbed Justin’s wheel and panicked.  He hit his front brake and did an “endo” in the middle of the pack.  His rear wheel swung around and hooked my right drop down and pulled me to the ground with him.  Not hurt too bad, and the bike still in working order minus half the bar tape missing, and chain falling off I turned around and coasted to the pit area.  Very angry as I got to the pit the official convinced me too take my free lap, and go back in.  I did, and just as I rejoined Dan N. and Justin on the front, Wick takes off, and Adam slides up next to us to say hi, and thank you.  In the end.  Wick wound up with 3rd, Dan N. with 7th, Justin in 14th, Myself in 15th, and Adam winning the race by lapping the field solo.  Adam then went right into the Cat 5 race, and I’ll let his race report tell you how that went.  Much thanks to the guys at PAR Cycles for an awesome venue, and great race.  This one will be on the calendar for next year, and the guys here at, and highly encourage you all to check it out.  Pics are in the process of going up now, so check them out on our Flickr in the bottom right of the page here.  See you guys next weekend as we all do something stupid and try to attack Wintergreen in the Wintergreen Hill Ascent TT, and for a few of us venture to Maryland on Sunday for the Bunny Hop Criterium.


~ by shootthegap on April 27, 2010.

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