No racing, but hard riding still

Well, it was an eventful weekend, especially since there were no races.  To start off I went out on Thursday and did the Bully Lite ride from Great Bridge Cyclery.  Pretty fast ride, good people, and great weather.  Unfortunately my ride ended about four miles early when i hit a glass bottle in a turn, and cut my tire wide open.  So I walked a mile in cycling shoes until Justin came to pick me up.  (Note:  I did try to repair the flat, but the gash in the tire would have none of that.)  Friday Justin, Dan Netzer, Dan R, & myself ventured out around Virginia Beach and Norfolk for about 60 miles.  Again, great weather  and wind. 

     Saturday was the Tour de Cure, and to be my first century ever.  I want to thank everyone who helped me raise money to find a cure for Diabetes, and say that the people out there are awesome.  I cheated my friends in this ride, in that we originally planned to do this on our fixed gear bikes, but my legs already sore, and in fear of losing them I opted to take the Madone out.  I started off the ride with the fixed gear guys in the back, but it was just too slow.  i  made my way through the 200- some people saying hi and talking as i went until I made it to the front group of about 15.  The pace for this group was sitting around 25mph, and we had a good rotation going.  All of a sudden at the 30 mile rest stop everyone pulls off, except a guy named Bobby on a Felt TT bike.  I jump on his wheel, and say, “I’ll stay with you.”  He says sweet, and we ride.  (Note:  we didn’t keep riding b/c we’re so bad ass, but we both a had over a bottle of drink left and didn’t see stopping yet.)  We continued on just the two of us for the majority of the ride, trying to stay around 20-22mph, depending on headwind, which was plentiful.  We stopped for 4 minutes at the 53 mile stop, to load up on bananas, and drink, and move on.  I stopped at the 80 mile mark to answer the call of nature, and Bobby kept on b/c he feared if he stopped his legs would lock up, fair enough.  I continued on the last 20 miles solo, and must say that it was the longest 20 miles I have ever ridden.  I finished two minutes behind Bobby with a time of 4:55:07.  I was happy, my legs were not.

Sunday was a slap in the face.  Celerity Cycling p/b Fitness Together ventured west to the moutnains of Wintergreen.  The short of it is, I have never done mountains.  The closest to a moutnain I have done in my 9 months of riding is the Campostella Bridge, or the hills of Williamsburg, and in the first 24 miles of our Sunday ride, I had climbed 3500ft according to my Garmin.  That’s at least triple then the total accumalation of climbing I have ever done.  We finished our 47 mile loop with total ascension being 5800ft, and went to attack the Wintergreen Hill Ascent course.  I’m going to be honest, and say that my legs hurt, not sore hurt, not cramping hurt, pain hurt.  i made it almost 3 miles up the course before my right hamstring just locked up, and refused to move.  I, very let down, turned and went back to the truck to wait.  All in all I think I might have pushed a little too hard, but it will be worth it.  I’ve been averaging 200 miles a week since the beginning of March, and from Thursday to Sunday I hit 250 miles of hard riding.  Pretty pleased with myself.  I’m looking forward to the rest week, and to the race in Sanford, NC next weekend, where I get to do my first race on my new HED Stinger 6’s thanks to Mike Shipp.  Check’em out.  They’re the new hotness……..


~ by shootthegap on April 19, 2010.

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