Lots of sun and fun, and maybe a bike race or two.

I have been home from the course for a total of 18 minutes.  I think this is a new record for promptness of a race re-cap.  As I sit here on my porch in the 75 degree weather in Ghent, and seeing the people on a ll sorts of bikes it makes me want to go jump on mine, alas I think my legs would detach themselves and runaway after this weekends fun times. 

To start off lets talk Time Trials.  The first race of the weekend was on Saturday @ the Conquer the Canal Time Trial hosted by Fat Frogs.  I showed up a little less than enthusiastic with the temperature being a balmy 49 degrees, but as the sun rose higher so did the temps. I had borrowed an old aluminum Fel t650cc TT bike from one of the guys over at Running Etc.  (cool people and cool store.  check it out) due to me telling myself after the Dismal Dash that unless there was an Eddy Merckx category that I would not being doing a TT on a road bike, clamp-ons or not.  When the Cat 4’s lined up it was sitting around 60 degrees with everyone in a pretty joyful mood.  However, my mood went downhill quickly as I started.  The course was a 12.4 mile “out and back”, and most of it was shaded.  I was cold, for at least the first few miles.  Also, not sure why, but the computer wasn’t working on the bike.  No cadence, no speed, no distance, or time….. great.  I didn’t even have a clock.  So here I go blind into the abyss that is old route 17.  I passed one cyclist within the first couple of miles, and decided that this is a good pace.  I reached the turn-around and had not been passed, and still had a decent gap on the guy behind me, so I was happy.  I shifted down once and continued on guessing speed and cadence.  In the end I more or less hit my goal, which was 30 minutes, with a time of 30:24 for 16th.  Dan Netzer finished in 5th with a time of 28:37 (?), and Wick was possibly 13th with a time around 29:20.

Sunday was another fun day of waking up earlier than I do on the weekdays to venture up to the peninsula for the Fat Frog’s Langley Speedway Crit.  I must say in advance that if anyone was offended by, or felt attacked, by my post last weekend that I sincerlely apologize to you, as that was not my intent, and I hope there is no hard feelings.  Langley turned out well, with Celerity Cycling p/b Fitness Together keeping the pace high.  The short of it is we attacked, and attacked, and attacked.  My heart goes out to Wick who was in a three man break for a bit, and was caught with 3 laps to go burned out.  Justin finished in 6th, myself in 20th, and Dan Netzer in 22nd.  The good news was that the pack was so stretched out, and what i believe was everyone was tired of the stress from the recent weeks, that everybody kept really cool heads and turned today’s race into a whole lot of fun.  Thanks to all for that one.  I do have to say that my 20th spot came from my fear of getting out of the saddle to sprint due to the last few races, but hopefully that goes away.  Thanks to Fat Frogs for an awesome weekend of cycling.  Next week is the Chantilly Crit for some of you, and the Tour de Cure for the rest of us.  In fact if you would like to donate to my cause I’m going to go ahead and plug it.  Click the link to help me out, as I haven’t quite hit my goal:  http://main.diabetes.org/goto/Frank.Cundiff.  Thanks again everybody, and enjoy this weather.  Pics will be up from Langley tonight.  I’ll update.


~ by shootthegap on April 11, 2010.

One Response to “Lots of sun and fun, and maybe a bike race or two.”

  1. Thanks for coming out to our races. You took some incredible photos. I have shared them with my team and I hope to see you next year at our weekend series. Also, thank you for the kind remarks. We tried to make it a fun filled weekend.
    Donna Christopher
    Fat Frogs Racing Promoter

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