T minus 27 Day

We’re down to less than a month until we begin our epic journey. If you weren’t aware, the reason for this blog is to record our stories as we cross the country on our bikes. Our race reports and photo of the local bike races has a selfish goal, to gain traffic. And I hope I haven’t just scared all our fellow racers away from ever visiting us in the future. The site will remain and we still plan on covering the races we do, but I hope you’ll stick with us through our trip. And I’m begging you all to please leave us some comments or follow us on Twitter(links under our profiles).

So I begin to really think about our quest and I’m now starting to freak. Less than four weeks. I’m short some key gear with money and time both running short. I worry about our safety and physical ability. The exact route is still unknown to me, Justin is sort of secretive about it. Nutrition, money, and where we are staying in the cities we plan on spending time is, scares me. But I have faith in my team and I’m sure will over come any problem, which if you couldn’t tell, I’m guessing will be many.

Still the day nears and I had hope to do so much before and I’m disappointed in myself for dropping the ball. There is still a failed follow through with the charity. But we hope to have this resolved soon. Right now it looks like we won’t have time or support to get jerseys made, but t-shirts are on their way, and maybe up for sell(cheap).

I guess just while writing this, I’m starting to gain comfort. Is this the true value of blogs. We will do this and things are still falling in place. After all we are all masters of procrastination and work better when there’s no time on the line. Expect big things from us and please show us some support. Thanks for reading.


~ by Adam on April 8, 2010.

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