Success and Failure of a Cat 5 Rider: based on a true story

I had worked so hard writing the “most amazing” wrap-up of the race in Smithfield last weekend. Just doing some minor editing here and there, and I highlighted and removed everything. I freaked and panicked and before I knew it the auto-save kicked in. I lost it all. But let me tell you is was an epic tale of self discovery and lessons learned. I was going to rewrite it all but my memory of the events are fading. But Dan( and Frank wrote some great general recaps of the day. And I thought I’d leave out my boring detail. But believe me I was great.

It was a bit chilly in the morning but by the time my race was done it was beautiful day. This being only my second race, I told my teammate what he needed to do, but only to remind myself what I should do. Something about not pulling and let them all do the work. I felt strong and found myself up front early. I pulled the pack just about the whole race, setting a pace that took almost nothing out of me, then with a few laps to go I sat back third to fifth wheel and recovered for my move. And I was a sight to be seen. The speed and the technique I use to pass everyone on the one hill climb was spectacular. Coming out of the last corner I was in the lead. But my inexperience got the better of my. I wanted to go faster. And that when it had happened, bang. I pedal strike for the second time in this race, causing me to unclipped my right foot. What once was first ended as sixth. With my right leg flailing unable to get clipped in,my left leg wasn’t enough on its own. I’d like to blame my defeat on something besides myself. But it comes down to my lack of experience. Which is why I’m only Cat 5. Hopefully lesson learned. See you all at Langley

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~ by Adam on April 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “Success and Failure of a Cat 5 Rider: based on a true story”

  1. I feel your pain… however, I’m not as smart as you, apparently I am “cocky”….. lol

  2. Hey, Taryn welcome to our little site. I wouldn’t say I’m smarter than you. Buy “cocky”, yes. We’ll get there.

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