Can’t be mad!!

Well, Its April 1st, its 80 degrees here in Norfolk, Va.  The sky is sunny with little wind.  I’ve been averaging over 200 miles a week for three straight weeks in training mode.  My cross country bike is set up, and I just finished making my packing list.  Going to compare it with the other guys here soon to ensure no unneccessary duplicates.  The trip departs in the first week of May.  Not sure of an exact date yet, b/c of finals.  Speaking of which, I’m currently holding a 3.85 gpa in school.  To be honest I really have no idea how, b/c I don’t go to class as often as I should, and I really do put little effort into it, but hey, why fix something that isn’t broken.  I’ll be putting together my resume’ after the trip to start looking for work in the future.  I do have 2 years of school left though. “I’m frowning on the inside…. I swear.”  In the mean time.  I’m going to keep training hard, and try to snag those fabeled upgrades as soon as I can.  Hoping the cross country trip gets me in better shape.  I’m only 14lbs from my target weight, and plan on losing that on the trip.  All in all it  looks like its going to be a good summer!!


~ by shootthegap on April 1, 2010.

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