Potholes, rain, and cold Oh My!!!!!

First I want to congratulate Justin on his second place finish in the Cat 4 race.  He did awesome for only being a Cat 4 for 2 days prior to this race.  I on the other hand finished at a crowd pleasing 47th out of 98 of those who braved the dismal weather.  Not the best, but for the conditions we had I am just happy I finished rubber side down.  The forcast at the beginning of the week called for 58 and partly sunny, and as the week progressed the forcast went south.  When i looked at it this morning it said 52 with rain after 2pm.  This turned in to upper 30s, low 40s with rain showers as the race began.  No one was really prepared for it, and the weather made for some sketchy racing.  The potholes didn’t help either.  The course overall, i felt was an awesome place to race, this being my first time racing on it, and had the weather of been a little better I’m sure spirits would have been higher.  Unfortunately the entire team couldn’t keep with the “rubber side down” game plan as Dan over at www.celeritycycling.com had a terrible spill, a hundred yards or so from the finish on the last lap, when the cyclist in front of him went down he went too, snapping his new madone frame in two.  She will be missed, Dan, she will be missed.  Wick still feeling his injuries from Snowball Crit #2 pulled out after the second lap not feeling comfortable with racing in the provided conditions, which is totally understandable.  Mike finished in the top 60 as well. I am sad to report that due to the cold racing, and near frost bite condition I was feeling I did not stay for the finishing of the Cat 5’s and Cat 4 women, or any of the 1/2/3 race, and as a result got few pictures of these races, but what pics I did get will be up by tomorrow afternoon, pics are up.  click the flickr link to the right –> after my day at the bike shop making repairs and truing wheels from the cavernous course.  Thanks all to a great race, and I’m happy that we made the best of it despite the conditions.  Let’s all look forward to the Smithfield Hammerfest Crit next Saturday, and pray for some warm weather and clear skies.

Justin will be posting his own re-cap when he gets home.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

~ by shootthegap on March 28, 2010.

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