Another race down, another week closer to the trip

So this past weekend, the needtobike guys, along with their Celerity Cycling teamates ventured up to Warrenton, Va for the 540 Vint Hill Classic.  All the needtobike guys raced in the 4/5 race, except Dan R., and Dan Netzer, from, along with Mike Shipp from raced the 3/4.  The 4/5 race set a couple of milestones, one being my first group start as a CAT 4, and the other being Adam’s first group start on a geared bike, and only his second group start ever. (He did Snowball Crit #2 on a fixed gear last year.)  Justin is still waiting for his upgrade to go through on the USA cycling website.  The race was pretty sketchy to say the best. The course was a 1.2 mile stretch with a slight up hill after turns 1 and 2.  Turn 4 had a short steep hill followed by a long downhill to the start/finish.  A really tight course with almost 80 riders in the 4/5, and almost 100 in the 3/4.  In the 4/5 there was never a pace set, and the field just “yo-yo’d” back and forth the majority of the race.  Several close calls occured among everyone, and the catastophic failure of a rear-derailleur from one cyclist kept the race interesting all the way to the finish.  It was extremely challenging to not only establish position in the front of the field, but even harder to keep yourself up in the front, as it was almost impossible to manuever through the tight course, and unexperienced riders.  In the end I finished in 27th, Justin in 23rd, and Adam 44nd.  The 3/4 race was exciting as well.  With a young rider from Hay Market breaking away early and staying away creating a gap breaking one minute.  Dan Netzer and Mike Shipp finished in 25th and 55th.  Pics will be posted as soon as I get out of class, around 3 or 4, this afternoon.  Cheers!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

~ by shootthegap on March 22, 2010.

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