Big news in racing for these guys

Well, the big news this weekend, is that I got upgraded to Cat 4.  justin was told he is eligible also, but he hasn’t submitted his paper work yet.  Justin was on hiatus in Kansas with his wonderfully understanding wife, Ally, and happened to bring along his Madone, and stumble upon 2 crits this while there.  The first taking place on Saturday.  According to Justin the crit was only 9 laps, approx 20 minutes.  Justin finished in second place, stating that the locals couldn’t climb hills, but recieved first in points due to also having the fastest lap.  On Sunday, Justin raced in a circuit style road race.  According to Ally it was a wonderful 40 degrees and windy.  Justin finished first in this race.  Congrats to Justin in his Cat 5 podium finishes.  More to come from him on his races. I on the other hand did not do as favorable.  Partaking in the Dismal Dash TT in my newly upgraded Cat 4 category.  I showed up at a bright and early 8am.  Adam coming along to take pics.  The day did not start well.  Only having 10 minutes of warm-up time on the trainer, in which i also forgot my front wheel block, so i was training downhill.  Also not realizing how much of  a benefit it is to have one, not having a TT bike, I raced on my trusty Madone with some aero bars strapped on it, courtesy of Wik.  About ten miles into the race my aero bars started to slip, which was sweet, and I finished the last 6 or 7 miles in the drop downs.  In the end I finished 21 out of 26 with a time of 1:08:31 at a speed of 21.8 mph, with an average power of 240 watts, for a distance of 25.25.  In retrospect I should be happy in that compared to my TT last August I finished this one 4 minutes faster, and it was two miles longer!! So that’s good.  Didn’t get too many pics b/c silly me forgot to charge the camera battery.  Teamate Dan Netzer @ finished in 3rd with a time of 1:00:08, blazing by me while hacking up a lung do to his chest cold.  Scary to think how he’d of done in good health.  Results will be posted as soon as possible.  Looking to next week when I venture up to Warrenton, Va for the 540 Vent Hill Cycling Classic.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

~ by shootthegap on March 15, 2010.

One Response to “Big news in racing for these guys”

  1. Pics are up. Just click on the flikr link on the right side.

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