Snowball Crit #2

Great results in Chesapeake. After a week in Mexico running almost everyday for more than one hour. I had felt that I had gotten better stamina than the Richmond race(which I had failed at bridging a gap). The Only thing was I have not ridden my bike in over a week. For the race I told Frank that I wanted to breakaway from the start. He wanted to try on the 3rd or 4th lap. Which was better than my plan cause from not riding my bike in a while, at the start I had trouble getting clipped in. It took me four or five attempts. The race started as normal, but after the 1.5 laps I did not like the pace (it was going way too slow). I jumped trying to pick up the pace so everyone would have to work. As I passed Frank I told him to jump on. After a lap of me pulling I turn around to see if Frank is still right behind me. With much disbelief he was the only one. So I said, “Did we just breakaway”.

Frank replied with, “Yeah, don’t slowdown. GO!”. So after a couple of laps of just us a guy named Jim from Red Hammer Racing bridged the gap. After a couple of laps of that I decided that we needed to come up with a plan. I came up with a rotation and where to rotate that worked really well. We just kept putting more and more distance between us and everyone else. We kept that same rotation up until 4 laps to go when we lapped everyone. With one lap to go Jim and I ended up getting on the front of the main group trying to get a good spot to sprint. Frank was happy to sit a little bit further back, his legs were about done and started to cramp up several laps before that. When we only one corner and a straight away I started my sprint, that ended up with me seeing no one else til after we crossed. Frank took 3rd, Jim 2nd and I took home 1st. After the race I look back to find frank and yelled, “hey Frank, you can get a hair cut now.” (He had made a bet with a roommate that he wouldn’t cut his hair til he had a podium finish. As for Dan in the race he was not able to bridge that gap or make the jump when Frank and I did. So Dan spent a lot of time on front of the peloton trying to catch up no one else was helping him, which was great for Frank and I just not Dan. But Dan rode really well probably the best I ever seen him. With each race he is just improving by so much, I would not be surprised by the next race he is finishing top 10.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

~ by d0ginahat on March 8, 2010.

6 Responses to “Snowball Crit #2”

  1. It was a very exciting race to watch. You all did great. Pictures will hopefully be posted later tonight.

  2. The Cat 4 race was exciting as well, with the pace high. Early in the race a 6-7 man breakaway was pushing hard, but not to their liking Wik, from Celerity, along with 1 or 2 other guys pulled the field and caught the group. With one lap to go Chris Dinsemore (sp) said someone dove in front of him in turn 3 and he locked up his front brakes. Wik went over top of him in a nasty crash. Wik ended up with 12 sticthes in his right knee, and 6 in his right elbow. He’s also going to need new shifters and saddle.

  3. Full race re-caps and more pics @

  4. photos are up
    got some great shots of Wik in pain

  5. What I didn’t realize when I bridged up to you two was that you, Justin, had nipped me at the line for third two weeks earlier at Snowball #1.

    It was great working with you two – I had a blast.

    • yeah that was me. I was going to say something during the race but I thought it might hurt our relationship we need at that time.

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