RIR race wrap-up and the NAHBS

Well, as the weekend comes to a close I look back on it to see what was accomplished.  To start, the race on Saturday.  It started out looking dim.  When i arrived at the track it was 36 degrees with 20-30 mph winds.  Not exactly prime racing conditions.  The womens race took off @ 10am, and man did i feel sorry for them.  The field looked miserable in the horrifyingly cold wind on the back stretch.  Mid-way through the race the field broke up into nothing.  Groups of three and four girls could be seen through out the course.  With five laps to go, or so they got back together and finished.  An hour later it was the Cat-5 guys turn.  We did a couple of laps around the track to warm up, and the wind on the backstretch, although down from earlier, was still gusting 10-15mph in your face.  The temperature had warmed up to a more tolerable 43 degrees.  We lined up on the start/finish 5 minutes prior, and waited for 15 minutes to get started.  The race was pretty decent.  It was get going in your big ring, and stay there.  Shifting only +/- 1 or 2 gears depending on the wind, and position.  Toward the end, about 10 to go, a one man break away got out about a half lap ahead of the group.  Not sure who he is, but rumors circulated the field that he was an experienced time trialist, which made him a little more dangerous.  The field, however, did not want to attack.  Two or three of us drove the front edging up the speed.  With 5 to go Justin thinking i could read minds decided to try to bridge the gap, without actually saying anything.  I was blocked in on the bottom of the track doing about 25-27 when he passed doing 35+….. he was on his own.  The attempt was unsuccessful, however it did motivate the field to work together to catch the breakaway.  The last two laps were some of the scariest racing I have done.  With so many new guys (I know this is ironic, and a little hypocritical with this being my 6 group start, but i am referring to 1st or 2nd start guys) in the front not controlling their bikes very well, several people were rubbing shoulders, and frames.  On the backstretch of the final lap a guy drove Justin into me and i had to tell him to wait for a hug until after the race, and then somehting horrible coming out of turn 4 for the sprint to the finish, not sure how it happened, but one cyclist sprinted into the rear of another. He went over his handlebars, and not sure after that as i stayed to the outside to avoid anyone trying to avoid the wreck.  Adam said about nine cyclsits were involved in the accident, with one being seriously injured.  The breakaway guy ended up winning by about 20 feet.  I finished 7th or 8th.  The official results aren’t out yet, but Mike Shipp from East Coast Bicycles, got it on video.  Not sure where Justin finished, although I’m pretty sure it was in the top 20.  Looking to next week as we travel to the distant land of Chesapeake for the Virginia Beach Velo Snowball Criterium #2.  Hope it warms up……….

After the race we mosied over to the Richmond Convention Center for the North American Handmade Bicycle Show.  I have to say there are some extremely gifted people out there, as some of these bikes were just phenomenal.  Although many were amazing, Adam and I had picked a favorite vendor, with different bikes.  Adam’s favorite was the fixed gear, while mine was the roadracing bike in the Vuelo Velo booth.  These guys are brand new having only designed three bikes so far.  Their bikes are built by experienced guys over at Black Sheep bicycles.  All titanium, their race bike was a 54cm, with Tune hubs, another new company bragging the worlds lightest hubs, on carbon wheels, with the Shimano Dura-ace Di2 group weighing in at….. are you ready….. 12lbs with speedplay pedals. 

 Simply beautiful.  After the show we went to the COG magazine after party, which ended up being a hipster meeting.  Being exhausted from racing and walking around all day with no food  i went ahead and headed home.  Your own bed always feels the best

Rest of the pics will be are up when i get the password to our Flickr account from Adam.  Sorry for the delay….


~ by shootthegap on February 28, 2010.

12 Responses to “RIR race wrap-up and the NAHBS”

  1. It was a very event for day. The race was extremely scary to watch. I couldn’t imagine what it was little racing in it.I took photos for the race, but was often stopping to yell at Frank and Justin. At the sprint I just couldn’t take any pictures of the accident. Just glad the guys made it through safe and most everyone involved seemed alright.

    The NAHBS was a lot of fun. I kinda came out of my shell, talking to everyone. Asking questions, taking pictures, clowning around, and playing with all the new toys. It’s true the Bike from Vuelo Velo were works of art and Black Sheep did an outstanding job fabercating their designs. Really liked the seatless mountain bike frame. Saw some classic looking carbon bike with carbon lugs and chatted about the idea of get into track frames. A lot of interesting hubs and a quick release for pedals. I got to try out the Di2, which seemed real nice. Swung the pro made polo mallet over at the Brooks booth. Tried on some “not-gloves”, whick I liked. But not worth almost 200 clams. There was so much there. I’m disappointed I couldn’t find the shoes my brother was talking about. He claimed they were the best thing there.

    I hit up the COG party, which was kinda lame. It was a lot of guys packed shoulder-to-shoulder. For some art, which was pretty good but couldn’t hold my attention the hold night. And a boombox playing music from a band no one has heard of. I guess it was the free beer that got people to stay. I rolled out to the screening of Death Pedal 2. Nothing really special there. Richmond hipster thinking they’re better then everyone else. Left with fireworks shooting down the streets. Came too a very odd party at a flophouse. Got out of there before I would start have nightmares about it. Rolled into a group going to the next party. Nicer group, still a bit weird. Strip Kings playing in one room (2 girls and like 10 guys). Hamburger cake, bright yellow sunglasses, some guy watching my every more, and more hipster drama. Left my last two friends to the cards and headed back to the car.

    With flat tired and frozen fingers I realized I had one more bike to squeeze in the Volvo. With no tools, I now had a problem with thought of locking my bike a having Frank retrieve it in the morning. But I did not give up. After a group of fixies tell me they had no wrench, I was left to walking out into the night for help. Come 3:00am I run into a couple from Philly, stumbling down the street. He was a bike mechanic for Bilenky Cycle Works, she was his girl for 5 years now. Yes, they got pretty close to me. Heading the wrong way, I help them get back to their hotel (a beautiful looking converted slave quarters, on 1st and Franklin) in exchange for getting my wheels off the fixed gear. After 45 mins of touchy words from a health couple, we walked the 4 blocks to their place. After a long trial of finding the right tool (I thought it was a trap for a bit). I was now ready to load up and go home. Had a fun time but I’m really glad to be home. And I’m done with hipsters.

  2. Please post a link to any videos or photos of the Cat 5 race. Thanks.

  3. The pics are up, sorry i forgot to say anything. You can get to them from here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/45996820@N05/sets/72157623406630459/

    or by clicking on the thumbnails on the right side of the page.

  4. Thanks Frank…great photos. Hopefully someone got some stills or video of the Cat 5 carnage.

  5. Mike Shipp of East Coast Bicycles has a video of the beginning of the wreck. I’ll try to get it from him.

  6. Thanks ‘shootthegap’…I’d really appreciate it.


  7. any results of the rir race?

    • I have been scouring the internet looking for the results, and haven’t been able to find them. Give me a day or two, and I’ll have them….. hopefully.

  8. Maybe the race results ate the race video. No luck with Mr. Shipp?

  9. Not yet. I’m going over to the shop today after class, and i’m going to try to get it from him then.

  10. http://www.vacycling.org/2010/results/index.html

    RIR results

  11. Ron you beat me to it!!!

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