Snowball Crit 1

the weather could not have been more beautiful in February for racing.  Almost 60, sunny, with a slight breeze.  The Cat 5 cyclists were up first in the “C” race.  Celerity Cycling had 4 cyclists in this group.  Justin, Dan, Steve, and myself.  the race was a pretty standard crit, speaking from my experience of watching a few, and participating in 4 (hahaha).  The pace stayed around 23mph, with a few people trying to jump the pack and breakaway, but not succeeding.  Justin and myself started with the plan to stay in the front of the pack and not do anything stupid.  this plan worked for most of the day, with Justin trying to breakaway (like an idiot) with 10 laps to go, and me chasing down a guy trying to breakaway with 3 laps to go, and getting stuck in the front for almost a full lap.  Dan’s plan was to stay with the group and not crash.  He almost failed due to two different people crashing in front of him.  the end result was Justin sprinting out the last half lap for 3rd, myself pulling 11th, and Dan finishing in 19th.  The field was 43 people, so we were all happy, for the most part, with our results.  The “B” race had 2 cyclists from Celerity, Dan and Wik.  The race was fast paced, and while i haven’t seen the official results, i believe they both finished in the top 15.  Now looking to next weekend when the competitive cycling community (say that three times fast) rains down on Richmond International Raceway for the 3 Sports Criterium.


~ by shootthegap on February 23, 2010.

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